Forex Cargo answers your questions about shipping your valued balikbayan packages to the Philippines.

  1. What is a Balikbayan Box?
  2. About FOREX CARGO.
  3. Where is FOREX CARGO Florida Located?
  4. What are your service areas?
    Forex Cargo Florida service areas include the State of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Parts of North Carolina and Parts of Tennessee. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a pick-up.
  5. What are the sizes of your Balikbayan Box and how much do they cost?
  6. Does Forex Cargo use Third Parties to deliver boxes in the Philippines?
  7. Is there a weight limit in sending a Balikbayan Box?
    No. There is no weight limit. As long as you can still move your box, our agent or representative should be able to handle it. For really heavy boxes that are impossible to lift, our representative may charge an additional fee.
  8. Do you charge for pick-up?
    Due to the rising cost of fuel, we do charge a pick-up fee per box depending on the distance. Please call our office at (904) 458-7447 for complete information.
  9. What are allowed in “Balikbayan Boxes”?
  10. What are not allowed in a “Balikbayan Boxes”?
  11. How often do you ship to the Philippines?
    All our boxes goes out from our Florida office every two weeks.
  12. Does my beneficiary have to pay anything upon delivery of a my Forex Balikbayan Box?
    Usually not. But if the Philippine Customs feel that your items are of selling quantities, and are intended for resale, they may impose customs duty. In this case, the recipient / consignee are responsible for paying customs duties.
  13. Do you accept boxes from other Balikbyan Box company or boxes that are not Forex?
  14. Do you accept online orders and custom packing?
  15. Finally the question everyone is asking: Why are your services more expensive than your competitors?
    The simple answer is ,  “because we provide a better service than any of them. We go beyond our reach just to protect your packages, so that your love ones we’ll get them as is, intact, no more or no less than what you sent them.  Our records speaks for itself.  We don’t only deliver your packages door to door, we also deliver your love to your relatives, Dahil Kailangang Makarating. ForexDKM


If you have questions that are not addressed in this FAQ, please feel free to call our Florida Main Office hotline at 904-458-SHIP  (904-458-7447).  We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

You can also reach us anytime through Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter.

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