What is a Balikbayan Box?

I’m sure the word Balikbayan and Balikbayan box are familiar to most if not all Filipinos, but for those unfamiliar with the word, Balikbayan translates to  “Homecoming” or “Returning

Balikbayan Boxes are packages that contains variety of items, these can be gifts, presents (pasalubong), personal effects, household goods such as kitchen ware, tools, clothes, linens, towels, chocolates, instant coffee, coffee creamer to mention a few. Balikbayan Boxes are sent by Filipinos residing or working abroad to their families or relatives in the Philippines to express their love and care through gift-giving.

For Forex Cargo Balikbayan Box are not just packages, for us inside that box are what we call “Pagmamahal” that we want our love ones in the Philippines to feel.


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